Times Green Energy India Limited

Times Green Energy India Limited (TIMES) is a company founded by a group of women entrepreneurs. It started off by farming and selling agriculture produce, and trading in natural organic products, bio- products and pesticides.

Within five years of its inception, TIMES has built a strong network. The company achieved a turnover of about Rs.10 Lakhs in its first year of operations, and by FY 2021-22, the turnover had increased to about Rs.25 Cr.

The board of directors is made up entirely of experienced and dynamic women, who have been managing TIMES since its inception. Recently, TIMES has entered the women’s hygiene and safety segment by manufacturing and marketing sanitary napkins, baby nappies, and adult nappies through monthlytimes.in

Agriculture, Women Hygiene,E-commerce and now healthcare - TIMES is working for healthier, greener, and more sustainable future

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